This training program is designed to enhance the skills of the participants in managing the contracts and controlling the costs according to the latest best practices and methodologies. It is very useful for professionals from different industries including Construction, Oil & Gas, Information Technology, etc. being either from the supplier’s or the customer’s side. It shows them how to manage the contracts successfully ensuring fulfillment of contractual obligations by all parties which leads to avoiding or minimizing claims. In addition, it shows them how to monitor and control the costs to ensure that they stay within the budget.


  • Understand the basic terminology, the concept and key elements involved in contract & cost management.
  • Apply the best practices in procurement strategies and processes.
  • Improve the efficiency of buying goods and services.
  • Select suppliers more efficiently.
  • Identify and select the right type of contract.
  • Recognize claims resolution techniques.
  • Get familiar with the tools & techniques used in estimating the costs and determining the budget.
  • Measure performance and control costs using Earned Value Management.


  • Project managers, procurement managers and professionals involved in the procurement/ contracting process.
  • Professionals from different fields seeking to acquire a good understanding of the procurement process and increase their organization’s profitability.
  • Professionals involved in cost management and want to apply effective techniques in estimating & controlling the costs in their projects.
  • Students & fresh graduates from various academic disciplines interested in enhancing their skills in contracting and cost management.


Government, Real Estate Development, Aerospace,Engineering and Construction, Manufacturing and Industrial, Oil and Gas\Petrochemical, Power and Water Utility Plants,Education and Training, Retail, Financial Services, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Automotive, Media Production, E-Business Enablers, Marketing and Sales,Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Management and Hospitality Management.