Experience the Great Start with IATA Courses

IATA certifications are recognised worldwide. Completing these courses gives you huge weightage while applying for a job, especially in the travel and tourism sector. Even if you are an entry-level employee, having an IATA certification gives you huge career opportunities

Benefits of IATA certification

Given below are the main benefits of IATA certification:

  • The courses are recognised world wide. You can start a job anywhere in the world if you have IATA certification.
  • You will get the opportunity to work with global airlines and tour companies.
  • You will be eligible for higher salary packages.
  • Widen your professional scope in many areas and domains, including airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, car hires and rentals, ticketing, travel & tourism agencies, hotels & logistic companies etc.
  • You get many options to travel around the world as part of the job.


Some of the job opportunities for IATA certified professionals are as follows:

  • Travel agency officer
  • Airfares expert
  • Travel agency manager
  • Billing and settlement officer
  • Reservation and ticketing officer
  • Travel agency executives
  • Travel desks at hotels
  • Ground handling staff
  • Airline city office representative

Private Sector

The main options that most people prefer in the private sector after completing these courses are:

Travel Agents

As a travel agent in the private sector, you will mostly be involved in selling tour packages and travel plans to customers while ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction. You will have to manage travel plans of customers, whether it is domestic or international.

The demand for tourism is on the rise after the covid-19 pandemic. People prefer to have a-go-to person who can guide them through the procedures and the steps to be followed while travelling in the post covid world. Hence, there is a  big demand for travel agents worldwide.

Tour Operators

Tour operators are people who come up with ideas for holidays and turn them into tour packages that clients can buy. They will be involved in a lot of activities like researching holiday ideas, designing the travel plans, contracting the services needed for the holiday such as accommodation, transport, guides, tour leaders, resort representatives etc. They market the package created and sell it to customers either directly or through travel agents.

Public Sector

IATA gives you the qualifications required to work in government institutions. The travel and tourism departments of both the central and the state governments view IATA certifications in high regard.

Ministry of Tourism

The ministry is the main responsible body for policy formation related to travel and tourism. It is headed by the Union minister for Tourism and the entire tourism industry is governed by this ministry. The ministry hires IATA certified professionals from time to time as ticketing assistants, tour operators, operations executives, immigration consultants and reservation executives.

Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

The corporation is responsible for running multiple state owned hotels and restaurants at various places for tourists. It also provides transport facilities.

The corporation is also engaged in production, distribution and sale of tourist publicity literature and providing entertainment and duty free shopping facilities to the tourists.

ITDC hires professionals across all these sectors to keep the tourism related activities flourishing. As an IATA certified professional, you will be more than qualified to apply for these positions.

State Tourism Development Corporations

The state governments have their own separate departments for promoting and managing tourism related activities. Like the ITDC, the state corporations also run facilities for tourists and promote tourism destinations. You can apply for vacancies at these corporations with your IATA certification.

These are just a few of the many job opportunities available for IATA certified professionals in India.

**However, the certification does not limit your opportunities to India alone. You can apply for jobs abroad as well.


The salary of IATA professionals in India is between ₹ 45,000 to ₹ 2,00,000 per month. The salary depends on the type of certification, other qualifications, the position selected and calibre of the individual.