How to Increase the Speed of Problem-Solving for JEE?

How fast can you solve JEE problems? What is your speed at calculating? Candidates who are preparing for JEE Main or Advanced must improve their problem-solving speed to score high marks.

This post will show you how to speed up your ability to solve JEE problems.

How to increase the speed of problem-solving for JEE

Tips to speed up problem-solving speed in JEE

  1. The JEE syllabus contains theories on every topic. You should be able to identify the topic of the problem and the concepts that can help you solve it.
  2. You can improve your understanding of concepts to be able to think faster and solve problems more efficiently.
  3. You can solve all kinds of problems while learning a topic for JEE.
  4. In your daily study routine, including problem-solving. Spend 2-3 hours each day solving problems.
  5. Practice questions by taking a lot of mock exams. Practice the different tricks that can be used to solve various types of questions. For example, while many questions in Kinematics can be solved by visualization, Integrals offer many standard methods to solve the questions.
  6. Recall all JEE formulas for Physics, Chemistry, and Math. You will not be able to solve the formula on the exam.
  7. If you’re unable to solve the problem, don’t waste your time. You can try solving the problem at another time or seek help from an online JEE expert.
  8. Use Various Methods/Approaches to Solve Problems Faster.
  9. Try to answer all the questions quickly. Questions that require lengthy calculations should be left for later.
  10. Quickly decide if you can answer the question. If you don’t know how to answer the question, skip it. Don’t let this question consume your time. You must balance speed and accuracy. Do not rush to solve problems.

How to speed up JEE Advanced

JEE Advanced tests patience, understanding concepts, and accuracy more than speed. To improve your accuracy and speed in JEE Advanced, solve previous year’s papers in an efficient time-bound way.


In conclusion, there are several strategies that students can use to increase the speed of their problem-solving skills for the JEE exam. From practicing regularly and familiarizing themselves with the exam format to seeking the guidance of experienced instructors, these strategies can help students become more efficient and confident in their problem-solving abilities. Enrolling in a comprehensive preparation program like the one offered by MNR Institute can also be beneficial, as it provides students with the necessary tools and resources to improve their problem-solving skills and succeed on the JEE exam. By following these tips and seeking the help of a reputable institute like MNR, students can increase the speed of their problem-solving skills and perform to the best of their abilities on the JEE exam.