How to Prepare for IELTS examinations?

English is one of the most common languages in the world. Proficiency in the language is essential for obtaining jobs at any part of the world. Established in 1989, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), is organized, monitored, and conducted jointly by the British Council, IDP, IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English. 

It has become a nightmare for non-native English speaking students, due to the strict and systematic methodology followed by the examiners. However, MNR IELTS training center assures you excellent results, through meticulously designed coaching that will inculcate a deep knowledge of the English language. We also offer effective IELTS online coaching in Dubai through our in-house formulated pedagogical methodology.

What is the Format of IELTS?

The awareness about the IELTS format will be beneficial in pursuing the preparation accordingly. The exam pattern and format has been more or less the same over the years, with minor variations. It aims at assessing the aspirant’s grip on the language. And how easily he or she will communicate with an English-speaking person efficiently. IELTS training centers will have a strategized coaching technique to nourish the student adequately. 

Therefore, the reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities of the candidate are ascertained by the examiners. The exam format of IELTS is appended below:

Reading Test – 40 questions, divided into three sections. Duration – 60 minutes
Writing Test – 02 Tasks. Duration 60 minutes
Listening Test – 04 Sections. Duration – 30 minutes
Speaking Test – 03 Sections. Duration – 12 to 14 minutes (for each segment)

Preparing for IELTS

A judiciously prepared learning and practicing process is vital for the successful preparation of IELTS. The IELTS online coaching in Dubai and IELTS training centers will have a guaranteed coaching process in place. However, you may consider the steps elaborated in the succeeding paragraphs if you think of preparations by yourself.

Prepare a Time Schedule – Decide the time you want to study for IELTS. Prepare a time schedule and abide by it strictly. IELTS training centers like MNR has a proper study schedule prepared by our professional teachers. That will be beneficial for optimal utilization of time. 

Improvement on Weak Areas – The tutors at our IELTS online coaching in Dubai and IELTS training centers will be analyzing each of the students to identify his or her weak areas and strengths. And a customized teaching pattern will be prepared for each student to excel in each of the tests. You have to observe where you lag and give more focus on those areas, in case you are not joining a reputed IELTS training center. 

Practice to Perfection – Practice makes you perfect. Keep on practicing, as it enhances your confidence.

Join an IELTS Training Center – The experts at IELTS training centers and IELTS online coaching in Dubai or the other regions will have in-depth knowledge about the way to prepare each student for the exam. This will be instrumental in making you mentally strong enough to crack the exam effortlessly. Therefore, we strongly advise you to join an IELTS coaching center.

Attend Mock Tests – Attending mock tests will help you identify the weak areas, the portions on which you need extra attention, and your level of preparation. Besides helping you in strategizing the exam. 

Avoid too Many Books – Too many books and journals mean too much confusion. Why complicate the entire issue, when a few comprehensively prepared books can help you with preparation. A large number of books can adversely affect your confidence level as well. Discuss with the professional tutors at our IELTS training center if you want guidance on the right books for preparing for IELTS. 

Dip Yourself in English – Diving into the English world, by watching English movies and listening to English songs, can help you significantly. 

How MNR can help Students to Prepare for the IELTS?

MNR has been playing a pivotal role in preparing the students from different regions, for the IELTS. Our selected teaching staff will assess each student to understand his or her capabilities and weak areas. To prepare a custom-tailored teaching pattern for each one. This will have a remarkable effect on the students. Further, we conduct periodic tests and provide feedback to the students. Subsequently helping them to improve upon the areas where they are trailing. 

We have been receiving exemplary results since inception and our students have been coming out with flying colors. Presently, MNR is one of the best IELTS training and IELTS online coaching institutions in Dubai. 

Join us to turn proficient in English and crack IELTS easily.