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IATA Cabin Crew Training Course In Dubai

Do you long to travel the globe and experience the beauty of different cultures? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to be a part of the aviation industry?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, cabin crew training in Dubai is the best option. IATA courses in Dubai are the best way to start this fascinating, but also rewarding career. We offer advanced aviation and cabin crew training and guide aspirants into the world of aviation.

This is a high-demand profession that requires talent, knowledge, and skills. Our tutors will guide and coach you to get a job at the most prestigious entities in the aviation industry.

Are you ready to jump into growth and prosperity now?

Contact us immediately to learn more about the Dubai cabin crew course, the qualification requirements, and details about IATA courses in Dubai. Here’s a quick overview of the course.

General 29 Hints of Cabin Crew Course Dubai

IATA-approved course for cabin crew in Dubai.

  1. An overview of the airline industry
  2. Extant aviation regulations
  3. Organization of airlines
  4. Topics related to air transport and flight operations. Also, general theories about flying.
  5. The responsibilities and authority of a cabin crew
  6. Organizational structure
  7. Inside an airplane, communication
  8. What to do in an emergency situation?
  9. Management of unforeseen, abnormal, and emergency situations
  10. Firefighting procedure
  11. Cabin evacuation drill
  12. Medical emergency procedure
  13. Medical first aid training
  14. CPR, AED and Heimlich Manoeuvre training
  15. Incapacitation of flight and cabin crew
  16. Handling and managing dangerous goods
  17. Transport of hazardous goods: Procedures and precautions
  18. Safety measures and security for aircraft
  19. Security methods in coordination with ATC/aircrew
  20. Unruly passengers that could pose a danger to other passengers or the aircraft should be handled
  21. Controlling illegal acts by people at board
  22. Interaction with passengers
  23. Positive communication and positive energy
  24. Catering for aircraft
  25. Market products with optimism
  26. Board meals
  27. Professional development
  28. Career growth: Key points
  29. Detail knowledge about the origins, evolution, and current practices of cabin crews

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