Nursery Teacher Courses

Nursery teacher training in Dubai

Dubai has set exemplary standards in schooling.  The schools in Dubai pursue international standards from preschooling itself. Kids are nurtured and nourished to become successful in life. The quality aspects are observed in the nursery teacher training as well. The teachers are subjected to comprehensive training. To enable them to impart impeccable instructional standards while on the job. The standards of the course conducted by Institutes like MNR are so high that it has global recognition. Therefore, qualified teachers can join jobs anywhere in the world.

Nursery Teacher Courses Offered by MNR

The nursery teacher training in MNR Dubai entails a comprehensive curriculum vetted by experts in the field. We have observed international standards to ensure optimal benefits to the aspirants. Once the individual passes the course, s/he can apply for teaching jobs at Nursery, Prep I, and Prep II, across the globe.  At the same time, the job opportunities in Dubai and other regions in the UAE are too high to think of relocating to anywhere else. The candidates can join a nursery or preschool of his/ her choice.

Our pre-primary teacher training online course will aid the candidates to enroll and continue the course sitting in the safety of one’s home. The all-encompassing course has been prepared in such a way to eradicate any issues that may be caused by the distance between our teachers and the students. The teaching philosophy and pedagogical methodology make it appear as if the student is in the same space as the teacher. And s/he can follow the classes without any issues.

The nursery teacher training in Dubai from MNR is accredited by KHDA- Govt. of Dubai under the aegis of MNR RCPL. The dual certification elevates the value of the certification. Hence, the qualified teachers from MNR will have an upper hand whilst competing with others for a job.  

Eligibility Criteria for Joining Nursery Teacher Training in Dubai

More than the qualifications, one’s will to interact with kids, the innocent souls, and the interest in educating them is what matters. The basic qualification necessary to join the nursery teacher training in Dubai are:

  • Above the age of 18
  • Qualified 10+2 (or higher)
  • Passionate to teach children

Career Opportunities for a Qualified Nursery Teacher in Dubai

Dubai has a large populace with a majority of working professionals. They consider enrolling the kids into playschool and preschools for guiding them into the right path since the early ages of development. Consequently, the number of playschools, pre-primary and primary schools, is very high.

An individual, who have nursery teacher qualification in Dubai can consider any of the following options:

  • Playschool teachers
  • Starting a play school
  • Preschool head or co-ordinator at a preschool
  • Pre-primary curriculum developer
  • Professional preschool teacher
  • Child counselor at pre/ playschool

MNR Nursery Teacher Training in Dubai

MNR offers a wide variety of course programs for those aspiring to become a nursery teacher. Qualifying the course will be the right move to grab a job in the field. The courses are:

  • MNR Pre Primary Teacher Training Courses (Online)
  • Designing Healthy and Happy Home(Online):
  • Professional Development Programs for Pre-Primary Teachers
  • Managerial Skills

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