We are happy to announce our new CPD of many coming up that will be conducted for 3-hour every last Saturday of the month. It will be on an online platform between 3 pm to 6 pm. 

The First Topic for the series is ”Speech Delay in Early Years” to be conducted on 30th May 2020 Saturday from 3-6 pm 

The CPD will be conducted by Nevena Bazalac, a Parent coach and author of the book ”Nursery Yes or No”, she has her Masters in Early Education and experience with special need students. 

This CPD will help you identify the speech delay in early stages and various strategies and tools to support the child in overcoming the delay. 

Please note: Online money transfer should be done after which the seat will be confirmed. 

To book your seats for the CPD, please send us the confirmation email with

 names of participants and the following details:

 For Individual Booking:

 1. Full name

 2. Nursery/ School Name if working

 3. Position

 4. Contact number and email

Cost per head with Certificate is 100 DHS