What is CACHE LEVEL 3 Course?

What is CACHE LEVEL 3 Course?

The qualification awarded by the Council for Awards in Care (CACHE), Health and Education in the UK approves that the individual is capable of entering the world of child education and care. The prominent organization in the care education sector, the qualifications issues by CACHE is accepted globally. This smoothness the journey of those aspirants, who want to pursue their career in childcare or as teaching assistant focusing on children. CACHE Level 3 course in Dubai will help you enter the profession without many difficulties. We will be looking into the details of the CACHE level 3 course in Dubai.  

How to Join a CACHE Course in Dubai?

There are several educational institutions offering CACHE level 3 and other courses in Dubai. Choosing the right institution that provides comprehensive coaching and assured results is the first step to obtain the qualification. CACHE courses have been divided into five levels, i.e. CACHE Level 1 to Level 5. Whereas, Cache level 1 indicates the entry-level course and qualifying level 5 reflects that you have become an experienced professional in the childcare and teaching sector.

The aspirant must be of 16 years or above, to join the CACHE level 3 course in Dubai. The curriculum of the course has been prepared after a thorough analysis and considerations, to provide insight into child psychology, the methodologies to handle them and effective teaching techniques for the kids. Therefore, the qualified candidate would be efficient enough to nurture and educate kids. This also affirms that a person doesn’t have to have any previous experience or knowledge to join the CACHE level 3 course in Dubai or any other region.

What is the Format of the CACHE Level 3 Course in Dubai?

The Cache level 3 course will consist of two segments, viz. learning of child development from conception to 07 years of age and topics on child’s health. The former one is aimed at educating the student about the physical and psychological development of kids from birth to seven years of age. The portions for this section, of the Cache level 3 course in Dubai, have been organized in such a way to instill the knowledge of child’s psychology, the methodologies to inculcate good habits in them, identifying their weak areas and enhancing their overall development.

The second section, Child Health, will discuss the psychological and physical needs of children and provide insight into the subtle and intricate aspects that can affect their physical and mental development. The kid’s emotional needs, dietary requirements, the health factors, nutrients that are necessary to boost their growth, physical activities to strengthen their body, as well as, mind and other requisite points would be taught in this section.

The course duration is 180 hours (approx.). Reputed organizations offer both offline and online coaching classes for CACHE Level 3 course in Dubai. The candidate would be assessed on both the above-mentioned subjects and issued with certification on qualifying successfully.

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