Is It Difficult To Pass The IATA Exam?

Is It Difficult To Pass The IATA Exam?

If you are prepared well, it is easy to pass the IATA exam. Preparation is key to making the exam difficult or easy. IATA coaching centers in Dubai can serve as your mentor, supporter, and motivator.

IATA courses will help you to find a career that is rewarding. IATA is the undisputed leader in global air traffic. They control more than 80% of global air traffic. Imagine the career opportunities offered by IATA courses in Dubai with such a large number of people in the aviation industry.

What are the requirements to join an IATA Course?

IATA offers a variety of courses in the tourism and air travel industry. Check out IATA courses in Dubai to find the one that interests you.

To be eligible to join the regular IATA courses, you must have completed 10+2 or a degree program. After you have completed your educational qualifications, it is essential to be fluent in English. It is vital to improving your knowledge and awareness about geographical specifications, countries around, oceans, etc.

You will find additional details about the different IATA courses. We are happy to discuss the IATA course in Dubai with you.

IATA Offers Courses

IATA courses in Dubai include the following:

  1. Foundation Course in Tourism and Travel: This course is open to candidates with 10+2 qualifications. This foundation course teaches basic concepts about travel and tourism.
  2. Diploma in Tourism and Travel: This course is for those with a degree in tourism or is currently working as travel agents or sales and reservations executives. The course lasts 154 hours. This course is one of the most popular IATA courses in Dubai. It will prepare you to provide guidance on tourist products and ascertain and understand IATA resolutions.
  3. The Aviation Security Screening Diploma is required to pass the diploma in aviation security screening. This course is usually chosen by security personnel, security agents, or other members of security. It helps in gaining higher positions.
  4. If you are a graduate, this course can be taken. The course is comprehensively designed to help you with all aspects of air travel, tourism, and freight forwarding.
  5. Ground Operations Diploma: This diploma course can help you gain knowledge, awareness, as well as practical experience. Another IATA course that you might consider in Dubai.

IATA Courses

IATA courses offer many benefits, including:

  1. This would give you a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the global geography, tourism industry, and air travel sector. You would then be able to perform the duties meticulously, which will enhance your job prospects and increase your promotion chances.
  2. Another advantage is to improve your facility management skills.
  3. Increased job opportunities
  4. Excellent salary package
  5. You have the option to find a job anywhere in this world