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Must Be Need To Know IELTS Writing Task1

There are four sections to the IELTS test: Speaking, Listening, Reading, Reading, and Writing. The Writing section has two tasks.

Task 2 requires candidates to submit a 250-word essay responding to a problem, argument, or point of view.

Many candidates need clarification or clarification about the first writing task. Candidates who don’t have enough information or understanding may find it more challenging to pass the exam. This is all you need to know regarding the IELTS Writing Task.

First, candidates must provide a concise summary of at least 150 words as a response to any graph, table, process, or chart. The graph can be either a line, bar, or pie graph.

The task provides factual information to the candidate. The candidate must explain the key features of the data. This task should take the candidate approximately 20 minutes.

The task tests the candidate’s ability to do various tasks, such as –

  • The most important features to be described and selected
  • Data reporting and comparison
  • Recognize the significance and trends of fact-based information
  • A description of a process
  • Provide factual information
  • Communicate your likes, dislikes, and needs
  • Feel free to express your opinions
  • These are the points to keep in mind before you take your exam.

Learn the marking scheme of the exam

  1. To understand how to structure your report, analyze the graph and identify key features
  2. Paraphrase the question from the first paragraph using synonyms
  3. Write a summary paragraph for the first paragraph that highlights 3-4 main features of the data.
  4. Next, use the data to support your main points.
  5. Check your summary for grammar and spelling mistakes and ensure that it is accurate.
  6. You may feel overwhelmed or unable to write 150 words during the exam. This is a normal situation and you don’t need to be stressed. This task is designed to assess your ability to distinguish and describe trends and changes in data. Write in detail if the information is not sufficient. If the information is too extensive, you can stick to some key trends or changes. You are now ready to go!

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